How to Win the Hearts of Your Wedding Guests

We’ve seen hundreds of New Hampshire weddings over the years, and although each one is different, one thing remains the same—the way to win the hearts ♥♥♥ of your guests. When planning for your big day, be sure to consider these wedding reception must-haves (and things to skip).

Yes, please…

  • Tasty and plentiful food ♥ Choose a menu that fits your style and keeps your guests nourished throughout the night.
  • Seating charts ♥ Direction is good. Plus, escort cards can be tricky to keep track of!
  • Table talk ♥ Choose centerpieces that are appropriately sized and allow guests to chat.
  • Refreshing refreshments ♥ Many people means many preferences so choose wisely (and drink responsibly).
  • Get-up-and-dance music ♥ Whether you choose a band or a DJ, this is definitely a main attraction.
  • Parking ♥ Less worry for your guests, and more people on time for your event. Complimentary guest transportation is a crowd favorite, too.
  • Information, please. ♥ Be sure to post important details, like parking instructions, transportation and accommodations, on your information card or website.

Not essential for a good time…

  • Favors ♥ Unless they’re edible or for immediate use, skip the favors and give your budget a break.
  • Programs ♥ Unless you’re having a full church ceremony, do a sign instead and save the paper.
  • Grand exit ♥ The grand entrance is where it’s at!

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