Secrets to Fundraising Event Success

From golf outings to galas, fashion shows and charity auctions, concerts and comedy shows, the options for fundraising events are plentiful. The best fundraising events have a clear message, relatable cause, and strategic fundraising plan. These ideas will help you get in the right frame of mind when it comes to getting more out of your next fundraising event.

Pre-event planning

Fundraising success starts before the actual event. Define the aspects of your event that can be sponsored, categorize the opportunities, and then bundle the offerings together to create sponsorship packages.

Consider maximizing exposure for your sponsors by earmarking a limited number of sponsorship spots. Instead of selling sponsorships to many organizations, keep it to your most valued partners. This can lead to a greater return for your cause and for your sponsors.

Event theme

Fundraising events that stand out have a thoughtful theme or meaningful message incorporated throughout. Your event is an opportunity to showcase the special work your organization does, and emotionally engage your guests to continue supporting it.

Special touches and small details go a long way and leave lasting impressions. Show a short video, invite a captivating speaker tied to your cause, or create a dĂ©cor piece representing people impacted by your cause.  

Post-event follow-up

Continue the engagement after the event. Follow-up with your guests and sponsors by sending a thank you note highlighting how participating in the fundraiser impacted your cause directly. Share the total funds raised and how those funds will be applied. Social media and email are helpful tools here, too. Consider sharing your success and event photos with local press, and wrap everything up in your organization’s newsletter.   


Photo credits: Gil Talbot PhotographyMalloy Events

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