Insider Tips on Choosing Wedding Flowers

We sat down with one of our favorite local vendors, Alyssa of Apotheca Flower Shoppe, to learn a few insider tips on selecting wedding flowers. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll take away from this conversation with Alyssa, wedding florist and founder of Apotheca, and Fallon, wedding specialist at Manchester Country Club:

What is the typical process and timeline for couples booking their flowers?
  • Typically 1 to 1.5 years before the big day, with scheduled consults throughout.
  • Then, about 60-45 days prior to the wedding date, Alyssa shares a mockup arrangement with her couples. That’s when final tweaks are made!
  • (Our favorite part!) To give couples peace of mind, Apotheca offers a bouquet check the day before the wedding.
What are some creative ways to save with your floral budget?
  • Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose! Bridesmaid bouquets and ceremony arrangements make for wonderful reception pieces.
Any secret tips, tricks or advice for couples?
  • Flexibility is key. Try not to be to tied to one specific flower; rather, pick a color palate that you are drawn to.


P.S. If you have the chance to pop in to Apotheca Flower Shoppe in Goffstown, you should! We won’t give away too much, but there are so many unique nooks and crannies filled with gifts, plants and more…it’s worth the visit!

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