2020 Wedding Trends: More Fun with Food Stations


It’s all in the details…

From eco-friendly weddings to wardrobe changes for the bride, experts are saying that 2020 is all about the details, especially those that are experience-focused.
In Elle’s list of top wedding trends for 2020, they give props (as it should be!) to the food experience. Number 6 on their list is food stations…and really the only thing stationary about them is that they are likely here to stay. There are a number of different ways to incorporate food stations into your wedding celebration, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some ideas on how:

chicken and heart-shaped wafflesDinner Stations

Couples like this dinner service option for its modern vibe and social quality. Think of it as micro-buffets displayed throughout the reception venue, offering guests flexibility and the opportunity to mingle and graze during the dinner hour. But don’t let the term “graze” fool you. The food options are plentiful, from chef-carved proteins, to perfectly prepared seafood and pasta creations. 

→ Tip: Offering dinner stations makes the task of collecting RSVPs even easier because there are no meal selections to tally up!

Late Night Snacks

Let’s face it, sometimes all that dancing requires nourishment. Late night snack stations are the perfect way to refuel your guests, plus it’s a great opportunity to add that wow-factor to your wedding experience. From chicken and heart-shaped waffles to late night hot stone pizzas or pretzel walls, late night snacks add a whole new element to the post-dessert hours of your reception.

Hot Stone Pizza Station

Food Trucks

Let your personality as a couple shine through with this food experience! We’ve seen it all—cupcakes, cookies, fried dough, shaved ice—served right from a mobile kitchen.

food truck experience at wedding

→ Tip: Be sure to ask your venue coordinator because not all venues will allow food trucks; and those that do will require that the food truck be a licensed food vendor.

With any one (or all) of these food experiences, your guests are sure to leave with happy taste buds and love in their hearts. 

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