Why You Should Plan Ahead for 2020 (and Beyond!)


Recently, there has been a shift in how people are booking events—with much less advance notice than in years past. Perhaps it’s that we all seem to be juggling more on our plates, or maybe technology has trained us that it takes less time to do, well…anything. Whatever your reason is, we’re making the case for advance booking as a best practice for anyone planning any kind of event, from an all-day golf outing to an extravagant evening gala to a morning business seminar. Here’s why…

Secure your date of choice

In a recent survey of the industry, event planners are saying they plan to host more events this year. They are reporting that events are driving more business engagement than they have in the past. Face-to-face time is becoming more valuable because of the amount of time we all spend in front of a screen, and event attendees are placing more value on their experiences while attending events. This means more events are on the horizon, so booking in advance will ensure you reserve the date that works best for your organization and targeted event attendees.

Allocate the proper resources

Events are becoming highly personalized (think menu options for today’s variety of food diets, custom content produced by facilitators, and interactive environments). These kind of event details require allocated budget spend; time to research, meet and carefully plan the experience; and coordination of all the intricate details. The more time you allow for you and your team to accomplish these items, the easier it will be to produce a successful event.

Increase attendance 

Not only will you have the ability to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of a larger turnout, but you’ll also benefit from pre-event marketing and the brand awareness it creates for your business or organization during that time of anticipation. Booking your event in advance will allow for plenty of time to distribute content and share your message before the actual event.

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